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The Eternal Wellness centre is about 3300 square feet, providing a comfortable atmosphere for patients when they visit our doctor for consultations and go for their treatments.

There are rooms prepared for conducting treatments such as Colon Hydrotherapy, Far Infra Red. The rooms are designed with the patientsí contentment in mind.

For patients that favor more privacy for themselves, Eternal Wellness also provides a VIP room. The VIP room is spacious and has comfy chairs and a bed, tastefully decorated and has its own bathroom.

Eternal Wellness also has waiting areas for patients to relax at. With its refined decor, it provides a cozy ambience for the patients, where they can simply relax and lounge on the plush sofa and chairs. Plus, there is also a TV and DVD player, where the patient can watch a TV show or movie of their choice to pass time.

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